And I’m Back

Yes, I’ve been gone for over a year. But what a year it’s been! We’ve moved to Virginia, sold our house in Colorado and bought a new (to us) house.  Here’s some of my thoughts on this experience:
1) The right real estate agent makes all the difference. When selling, talk to more than one agent. We interviewed three and went with the one that we got along best with. He put up with our nonstandard requests and had our house under contract in two days above our asking price. Here in Virginia, we were looking to rent with an option to buy because we refuse to have two mortgages at once. We ended up keeping the rental agent to be our buyer’s agent because she was such a nice person.  Even after the closing, we still talk to her often.
2) Presentation matters. One reason I think our house sold so quickly is the fresh paint, new carpets and fresh refinishing of the hardwood floors. It sparkled.
3) The right contractor is worth their weight in gold. The couple we bought this house from did not choose well and then didn’t follow up on the work they had done. Permits weren’t filed. Inspections weren’t done. It’s as if they did 90% of the job and called it good. Luckily, my wife ran into a general handyman at the gas station and he’s turned out to be invaluable. Ill try to give you a flavor of the “half-assery” done to our house in future posts.