Haven’t had much to say for a while

OK, the wife gave me one night away so my son and I decided to revisit the Goose Creek portion of Lost Creek Wilderness again.  First time we made it back to a site where they attempted to dam an underwater portion of Lost Creek around 1900.  The project failed, but the old bunkhouses remain.  There’s a quarter mile side hike to get to the actual dig site, but we didn’t make it two years ago.  The boy was only six at the time and just getting there was enough hiking.  Last year we didn’t even make it to the bunk houses.  We got about half way there and had to turn around due to a medical issue.  This year we made it to the bunk houses AND did the side hike as well – Success!

RouteHere’s the route from the Goose Creek Trailhead.








DSC00866Coming out of the Hayman Fire scar heading towards Goose Creek.








DSC00867Goose Creek








DSC00868I hiked the whole way in Fila Skeletoes instead of boots this year.  I’ve been running in them for a while, but hiking in them seemed a little iffy.  It worked out, but my calves are still a bit sore.  The cold water feels good!






DSC00881Columbines in bloom.







DSC00888Tonight’s fire brought to you by ESEE Knives and Fiskars!







DSC00882There must have been an old wagon trail back here – no way you could drive in today.






DSC00883Today’s kids can’t live without pixels.








DSC00895After many travails with the fire – poor wood choice for fire starting – we’ve got some bushcraft TV going!






DSC00901Usually, he eats Pop Tarts cold, but today he wanted to warm it up.








DSC00916Heading off to the old dig site.








DSC00917Yep, that’s a long way down.









DSC00920Found this cave near the dig site.  It’s seen a lot of use.








DSC00930Old steam powered windlass.









DSC00936Camp packed up, ready to go.








DSC00937My low cost rig – HELLCAT mod on a Down East ALICE frame.  I can’t wait until the boy is big enough to carry his own sleeping bag (or I’m rich enough to afford lighter gear than Coleman and military surplus!)






DSC00944So glad I took Friday off from work to get in before the crowds.  The parking lot was full and cars were parked on the side of the road for a quarter mile when we left on Saturday!






All in all it was another good hike, but the heavy gear is really wearing me out.  Fifty pounds for an overnighter is way too much.  The military sleep system gear works great, but I know I could cut the weight in half.  Same for the Coleman tent and the Kelty air pad.  The Hellcat isn’t too bad at 8lbs, but the suspension sucks.  I thought I was being pretty careful but ended carrying some things we didn’t use – boots in case the Skeletoes didn’t work out, an Emberlit stove, Trangia alcohol cooker and fuel.  I think I could cut some weight by ditching the tent and putting us both in hammocks, but that will have to wait for warmer weather. Still a good trip and I’m proud of my son for hanging in there, singing silly trail songs, and sharing a bunch of “Teamwork High-Fives” with me.


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