Winter Camping and Seed Starting

One of the skills I’m working on this year is winter camping.  I’m most comfortable in a hammock, so I’ve been working on making my own gear for better hammock camping.  I had other commitments this weekend, so a camping trip wasn’t possible.  However, we had another snow storm today, so I put on my winter camping backpack with everything I would take for a weekend camping trip and went for a “hike” in town.  I live near a large park with many hiking trails and campgrounds so I headed out the door, hiked to the grand view terrace of the park and came back for a total hike of 5.37 miles in about two hours.  I learned the pack weight is reasonable, but sweating is still going to be an issue.


Last week, I started some celery seeds and started on a grow light setup.  The seed package says they need a couple of weeks before they sprout, but I’ve found in my research that the grow lights will speed that up.  Funds are tight this week, so I dug around in the garage and found materials to finish rigging up the lights.


It’s not pretty and it’s not a permanent structure, but it’ll get the job done.  Not bad for some used PVC pipe and fittings, a little 550 cord, and some 3/8in. bungee cord I ordered by mistake last year.  Here’s another perspective –


I couldn’t have done it without some knots you might not use in everyday life – a Prusik Loop and a Clove Hitch.

That’s all for this week.  Keep learning and trying new things!


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