Garden Planning

Last year’s garden was a really pitiful, thrown together affair.  A few buckets, some seeds, a tomato plant, soil and compost (all from Lowes) thrown together in early June in hopes of having something to show for it by the end of summer.  Despite the haphazard nature of my efforts, it was starting to produce when a raccoon decided to help himself to it.  He got a half dozen green tomatoes, ate my broccoli down to the dirt before it even produced a head, and nibbled the carrot tops to nothing.  All I got was a few leaves of lettuce before he destroyed those as well.


So, I got a gardening book, read some more web pages and got smarter.  This year, instead of a container garden, I’m planning a small raised bed with a square foot gardening approach.  It will be six feet long by two feet wide, giving me twelve square feet to plant.  Along the way I learned about heirloom seeds and the huge variety of plants available and found Terroir Seeds.  I won’t bore you with the details of what I’m planting today, but I am going to talk about the planting calendar. Continue reading



Inspired by Jack Spirko’s site, I’m taking a stab at blogging about the things I’m going to learn this year.  I’ve got plans for gardening, home repair, camping, and shooting this year.  I’ll take a few pictures and let you know what I learn along the way.